The national authority on private criminal investigation.


Capital Investigations is part of Capital Security and is a private investigation agency, that meets all government requirements and permits. If you are dealing with a criminal offense or legal dispute, calling in a security organization that specializes in detective work is very useful.

The police are often the right authority to start an investigation. However, the police sometimes lack time or there is insufficient capacity available. Because the government cannot investigate everything, a private investigation agency has a broader field of work than the police. Capital Investigations is such a research agency for private individuals, as a private detective and for companies such as corporate investigation.

Where the government is mainly concerned with criminal offenses, Capital Investigations goes further. Capital Investigations is provided with the necessary permits from the Ministry of Justice and Security in the field of security and private investigative work and is affiliated with the Trade Association for Private Investigative Agencies (BPOB).

POB 1337
Capital Investigations conducts extensive research for entrepreneurs, insurers, private individuals, the legal profession and other organizations looking for justice, truth-finding or information. In order to provide you with the best possible service, we can inform you by means of a free 30-minute intake interview whether a private criminal investigation is achievable for your specific case. This intake interview is conducted by telephone. If desired, this conversation can also be conducted at our office or at a location of your choice.
Our researchers have had a career in specialist government services and were engaged in investigative and / or intelligence activities on a daily basis.
Our private investigators know and master the techniques and tactics of the investigation and intelligence world.
Capital Investigations has extensive knowledge in the field of tracing and (private) investigations. If we do not have all the knowledge for your specific case, we can present your case to a partner of ours. We have built up a very large network inland and abroad and always know how to find a suitable solution or the right party for your problem.

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