The national authority on private criminal investigation.

If you are facing a crime, the police is the appropriate authority to start an investigation. However, the police sometimes have a lack of time or insufficient capacity. In that case it can be very useful to contract a security organization, specialized in criminal investigation work, among other things.

Because the government cannot investigate everything, a private detective agency has a broader field of activity than the police. Capital Investigations is a private detective agency and is presented as a private detective (for individuals) or a company detective (for companies).

Where the government mostly deals with criminal offenses, Capital Investigations goes further. Capital Investigations has the required permits from the Ministry of Justice and Security in the security sector and private detective work.

Are you a victim of cyber crime, theft or fraud and the police can’t help you (any further)? Or do you want to be sure that your security and/or staff is reliable? Capital Investigations can help you with its security services.


To help you find your way around our security services, we have listed some of our services for you. You can find all our services in one overview.

Risk inventory

Providing a healthy and safe (working) environment starts with understanding the risks. A risk inventory and assessment provide clarity on the measures to be taken.


We offer individuals and companies our expertise in criminal investigation.


Does your company need support in screening new and/or current employees? We are specialized in conducting (digital) research and can advise you professionally based on this.


Evidence is collected through the use of secretly observation. There are possibilities to make use of technical aids. All our private investigation activities are subject to legal regulations.


Capital Investigations investigates covertly placed listening and tracking devices and cameras in vehicles, homes, yachts, offices and meeting rooms, among others.


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